"I look up to my people" Take a Timeout with Willis, William, Bill Boulter the 5th generation CEO of Boulter Industrial Contractors, a 130-year-old company here in Rochester.

When you think of a family-owned and operated business what do you think of first? Well, we stopped to ask the question of Willis to understand what was the family recipe when it came to leadership, which was always engaging with our people on an individual level.

William's short game is killer but his calm, cool and collected leadership approach allows his staff to approach him with challenges and questions due to the level of trust. He uses the "Stop - Think - Ask" method to build trust and accountability with his people on a daily basis to always improve.

Get away from the "This is how we use to do it" mindset and always be reinvesting in the business and the people for long-term sustainable growth!

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